Business Films

  • Briefing

    We’ll meet face to face and talk about what your business needs.

  • Concept Development

    Together we’ll find an idea that aligns with your branding and will capture people’s attention.

  • Storyboarding

    To bring the concept to life, frame by frame, and to ensure you’ll get exactly what you’re expecting.

  • Filming

    With production guidelines in place, will set a date for production. From here, we’ll take care of the scheduling, locations and talent where applicable.

  • Post Production

    Having a precise pallet to pick from, we’ll waste no time editing together your vision. Here we’ll add voice overs, animation, and motion graphics.

  • Client feedback

    Time to make sure you’re happy. With your comments, we’ll take the film to it’s finished product.

  • Distribution

    Different platform, different exports. Depending on your marketing strategy, we’ll format and export the film for every avenue of distribution.

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